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BTN-Musical playground

A musical is something where people can play music as often as they want to, because it is open for as long as possible.

It took alot of hard work, they had to do all sorts of things to make it a musical playground, such as cutting, glueing, sanding and more to make all of these percussion instruments.These instruments are things that you would find in the background of the orchestra, like drums and bells.

It cost more than 7 thousand dollars to create and took two weeks to put together.

If you want the percusion instruments to make a sound then you have to either hit them, rub or shake them.

The musical playground won a special innovation award.

If you are thinking about making one then there are a few things you  need to know like, you need a main instruments and also that if you want more main instruments its best not to go over three.


The Swirl  is made of twenty-five resonated chrome and brass chimes in C major and A minor, ranging in scale from soprano to alto. Chime tubes are brass and chrome plated steel. The Swirl incorporates individual resonators for each chime, giving a rich tone. The chimes are five feet high by five feet.


 Glass Imbarimba  a unique musical design combining elements of two classic African instruments: the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and the kalimba (thumb piano). The bars are arranged in the layout of the kalimba with long bars in the middle and short bars on the ends. This allows both the left and right hands equal access to the upper and lower notes.


   Five Tuned Drums are made with replaceable vinyl heads ranging from fifteen inches to seven inches in diameter. Drum heights vary according to an average height from children to adults. The bases of the drums are permanently installed in the ground in a slightly arching arrangement. Our least expensive instrument, the tuned drums are ideal for several people to play at the same time.



Original image: ‘Guitar
by: Maurice

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Original image: ‘Algunas de mis armónicas
Algunas de mis armónicas
by: Montse

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The beginning-Part 2

“Wow you were right that ice-cream was the best” I say as I do a cartwheel down the street.
“See I told you” she laughs.
“Mm mm, its like frozen heaven”I giggle.
“Hey do you know who’s house that one over there is, it is massive?”
“Nope”says Ashlee, not making any eye contact with me.
“Probably some rich snob”I say
“Ha, yeah, probably” she mumbles

“Alright this is my place, see you tomorrow” I say.

“Yep, I will save you a seat in class tomorrow” Says Ashlee as she walks off.

‘CLICK’ goes the door as I close it shut.

” So how was your first day at school, sweetie?” says Dad from the kitchen.

“Great, thank you Dad. I have already made a few friends”. I tell him as I run up the stairs.


As I walk up to the school gates Stacy comes to meet me.

“Hey, I was just wondering if you would like to come to my place after school it has a pool and there is gonna be guys” she giggles

“Yeah, that sounds great” I smile.


“Did you save me a seat?” I ask Ashlee as I walk into class.

“Yep, right here”as she points to a seat next to her up the back.

“So you going to Stacy’s place after school?” Ashlee asks.

“Yep, are you?”

“Yeah, it should be good, can’t wait” Ashlee smiles.

“Do you want to walk together, but first we have to stop of at my place and get bathers and a towel” Says Ashlee.

“Yeah sounds good, we have to stop off at my place to” I say

“Nah, you can borrow some of my bathers we would be the same size I reckon” she offers.

“Thanks” I say.



“Well this is my place”says Ashlee looking at me curiously.

“What this is your place I thought you said you didn’t know who’s house it was” I say surprised that she would want to keep this from me.

“Yeah, well I didn’t want you thinking I was any different to any one else”she says looking at the ground.

“There is no way that I would judge someone by what house they live in I don’t care how rich they are” I say

“OK, cool” she says brightening up.

“Mother, Father I’m home” Says Ashlee as we walk through the front door.

No-one answers.

“Hm mm they must still be working” says Ashlee looking a bit puzzled.

“Thanks for the bathers” I whisper to Ashlee as we walk through to Stacy’s pool area.

“Wow there is alot of people here”

“Yeah she always goes out for these kind of things” Says Ashlee as she waves to some guy.

“Who’s that”I ask Ashlee

“That would be my amazing boyfriend Tom”she says as she walks over to him.

“Hey Stacy wicked house you’ve got here” I say.

“Thanks, huh what is she doing here” She grumbles angrily.

“Who is she?” I ask Stacy

“That is one of the most popular but horrible girls in this school, she once took Ashlee’s diary and printed all the pages of it and put it up all over the school, this is not going to be good if Ashlee sees her”says Stacy starting to panic.

“I am sorry but I have to tell her to leave before there is a fight”says Stacy rushing off to Pippa.

“OK see ya” I mumble once she is already gone.


I get changed into my bathers and decided that I want to go for a swim in Stacy’s pool.

“Hey Danni I will come in the pool….. hey whats that on your arm” she says as she points to the scar on my arm.

“Um mm…..” I sniffle

I run away crying.

“Wait stop Danni I didn’t mean to say anything wrong” she says whilst running after me.

“Hey whats wrong Danni? its OK Danni you don’t have to tell me its just thought we were friends “She says which makes me feel like I have to tell her and I think she knows that.

“OK i will tell you” I take a deep breath.

“Well a few months ago I was in a car accident, Me, My dad and Mum where driving to see one of my Aunts it was really foggy and my dad did know where he was going and he drifted onto the wrong side of the road” I pause

“And we hit a power line, the window smashed all through the car I was knocked out so was my dad, but my Mum she was seriously  injured, when I woke up the first thing I said was is mum and dad OK and they said to me Ummmm”I sniffle

Then the doctor said to me “that there was some good new and some bad news, the good new was that my dad was fine just some scratches and bruises” but then he told me the horrible news and that was that my mum didn’t even make it back to the hospital” I say as I burst into tears.

“Oh my god Danni, I am so so sorry” she says

“And that’s how I got that scar, but please can you not tell anyone”I ask

“I wont tell anyone I promise” she promises.

“What are you doing in  here” says the girl that Stacy told mes name was Pippa and obviously one of her friends.

“And why are you crying?”she says

“Cry baby”Pippa whispers to her friend but she did not do a very good job of whispering because me and Ashlee heard her.

“Thanks” I say and run off crying.

“Nice one, can’t you think of anyone else apart from yourself” Ashlee screams to Pippa.

Start running I run the fastest I have ever ran in my life, trying to get away from all the bad thoughts that would never go away.

“Wait Danni don’t listen to her”Ashlee screams after me.

“Wait DANNI WATCH OUT”Ashlee screams.

“SCREEECCHH”goes the wheels of the car.

And that was the last  time I ever breathed.












Book Review-Wings


AUTHOR- Aprilynne Pike





This book is really good for those people who like fanatasy and romance, this book is for people who believe in the impossible.

This novel is something  that I wouldn’t suggest for people who don’t like to sit there and read the whole book, because if you read only parts of it at a time it doesn’t really make much sense.


I didn’t really like this book much because it isn’t something that I would normally read it just depends on what type of books you like.


This book is about a 15 years old girl named laurel. Laurel is so used to being home taught by her hippie parents and now she has go to a public school. Everything wa looking up at at this school, she has made friends with a really sweet guy that she starts to really like. But then a beautiful white flower sprouts out of her back which sounds really random but it does and thats when everything starts going in a downward spiral. 


The original title for this book was Autumn Wings.

This books genre is Young adult, Fantasy and romance.

The next book is called Spells.


The Beginning-Part 1

 I walked down the hall, looking left and right. New school, new people. I’d done this so many times before, I know the procedures backwards and forwards; inside and outside; up and down. There are the same type of kids at every school. The sporty guys; don’t look at them, you’ll get punched, the girly girls; don’t bother, their, unless you like to talk about nail polish magazines hair etc. , the bogans; don’t even go near them, they will either offer you a cigarette or put a knife to your throat, the geeky guys and girls; don’t talk to them; they’ll ask you to a debateing club or a wine and cheese party and then there are the bunch of normal people, who will give you a chance. I’m one of them, so I usually fit in okay.
I get walking, my head low so that no one could up that I was new, and walked towards the year eight home room. It was crowded and noisy, but it wasn’t too bad, everyone was talking away about the latest gossip. I slipped in and no one noticed, which I was happy with.
I sat down on one of the desks, when suddenly, a girl with blonde, fuzzy hair, grabbed me and dragged me over to her table.
“Hey, hun! Where are you from?” This girl was very straight forward, she almost made me laugh.
“Stacy! Lay off a bit! Hi, I’m Ashlee,” Says Ashlee as she pulls me to sit down with them.Once I had sat down and got over what had just happened I realised that there was alot of girls sitting at this table, 10 to be exact, it was pretty obvious who the leader of the gang was, it was obviously the girl named Ashlee. Ashlee was beautiful, infact she was angelic, with her tight blonde ringlets, pale skin and bright blue eyes.
“Hey, I’m Danni! So, is this school okay?” I asked, looking directly at Ashlee. She smiled at me and laughed.
“Not too bad, if you mix with the right people,” She said. Stacy laughed.
“Our crew, we’re the best!” She was over exaggerating and nodding her head so fast, I thought it would fall off. I grinned.
“Cool, so-” I was cut off by a loud bell that got everyone’s attention. They got up and moved out of the room. I must have looked puzzled, because Ashlee said:
“It’s okay, Danni and I will help you through your first day,” says Ashlee smiling.

 *                            *                                *
I walked towards the school gate, alone. Suddenly Stacy turned up by my side, this girl was full of suprises.
“Hey ! Where are you going?” She asked.
“Home,” I said and pointed down the street.
“Oh, cool! Ash, lives that way, too,” She said, just as she walked up.
“Cool,” I smiled.
“Yeah, sure. Want to walk home with me, so that we don’t look like sad, lonley kids,” She offered, with a smile. I was over the moon, it’s my first day here and I already have some friends!
“Sure! Sounds good!” I said and grinned.
 See you guys, tomorrow!”She grinned and walked the other way.
“See you, Stacy!” Ashlee called, waving. She grinned over her shoulder, and waved. Ashlee turned to me and we started to walk down the street.
“You know, theres this really cool ice-cream shop, down the road and they have the best sundaes in the world! You have to try one, or you can’t say you live in Cressville!” She laughed and grinned all the time she said it, then she started to dance and do cartwheels down the road. I laughed.
This was definitely going to be a good school…………………

Hay Fever Season

What is hay fever how do we get it well this post that i have wrote should help you.

Hay Fever is an allergic reaction and 1 in 5 Aussies have it.

Hay fever is when you are allergic to something its not just grass and flowers but it is mainly that .

This time of the year alot more people have been getting hay fever and that is because there are lots of allergen producing plants like grass and flowers, this time of the year.

Hay fever experts say that to help it is best to stay inside on windy and warm days and when people are mowing the lawn.


Romance Movies

This is my thoughts on romance movies

Romance definitely makes us happier because it makes us forget what has happened or is happening around us and it really makes you feel like it could happen to us!

It sort of puts you in that actors shoes, like all the feelings that the person acting is feeling gives you those feelings and like how you would feel if you was in that position.

Everyone wants to have that person who will always be there for you no matter what!

In movies romance makes you get your hopes up like well maybe that could happen to me.

September Book Review-Air Head

Author-Meg Cabot

Published- 2008

Age group- 12+

My Blurb-

When Emerson Watt, a tomboy and Nikki  Howard, a supermodel meet by a horrible incident nothing will ever be the same again.


Me, Emerson why did this have to happen to me I didn’t even want to go to that stupid grand opening Soho stark mega store, but someone had to look after my little sis?


I only went there for the publicity why did this happen to me?

What I learnt-

The thing that I learnt is that somethings happen for a reason.

August Book Review- Three Wishes


Author-Isabelle Merlin


Age group-14+

My Blurb-

It all starts when a girl named rose makes a blog for a school project, she is told to make something involving media and she chose to do a blog and when she does she wanted it to be about something interesting and not full on she wanted it to be fun but still count as school work, so she decided to do it on the theme of three wishes like in fairy tales little does she know that doing  just this could change everything.

what I learnt-

What I learnt was that doing just the smallest things can change things very quickly and to always believe in things.